Call for the research-based scientific-popular articles

2020 / 11 / 11

We are accepting research-based scientific-popular articles within the frame of our online journal Russian Expansion in the Caucasus and Georgia.

Russian Expansion in the Caucasus and Georgia is a series of publications that aim to overcome the remnants of colonial mentality as well as its historical and political paradigms. The objective of the articles is to cover the Georgian-Russian relations from the XVIII century onward in a manner different from the widely propagated official Russian perspective.

The article should touch upon the analytical side of events and offer a look into their long-term repercussions and broader historical context. The topics can be about any relevant field important for the Georgian statehood that has been affected by the Russian and the Soviet rule. The articles can cover other Caucasian states and peoples if it remains relevant to Georgia. The article should be written in a popular language yet supported by footnotes and bibliography. In total, an article should encompass approximately 3700-3800 words excluding the footnotes and the bibliography.

The applicants should send their short biographies in addition to a one-page abstract of their work. Selected authors will be notified via an e-mail within three weeks. It is important to note that the submission of a full article to the Foundation does not guarantee its publication as any article will undergo a final selection process. The author of a published article will receive the equivalent of USD 350 in GEL as a one-time payment.

Please send us your work in a word format at [email protected] with the subject “Russian Expansion in the Caucasus and Georgia.”

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