2022 / 02 / 15

A few days ago, Greekcitytimes website published an opinion blog – “Turkey Radicalises Azerbaijani Community of Georgia”, written by Kemran Mamedov. The author tries to portray Turkey as the major source of radicalisation in the region and cites Rondeli Foundation research as the primary source. The publication completely disregards citation and reference rules, distorts facts and misinterprets the research findings.

Rondeli Foundation publications on Kvemo Kartli are descriptive policy-oriented reports, shedding light on the region’s economy, politics, social and religious affairs. For illustration, the paper includes anonymous quotes from respondents, following various religious teachings. None of the publications confirm the high level of radicalisation in the Kvemo Kartli region, as claimed in the publication.

Furthermore, Mr. Mamedov has intentionally distorted and/or used in the wrong context the demographic statistics, information on Turkish organizations and activities of some individuals, presented in our publications. We distance ourselves from the blog posted on Greekcitytimes, as the publication does not correspond to the facts and findings of our research.

Read the publications here: https://www.gfsis.org/publications/view/2921; https://www.gfsis.org/publications/view/2772

For more information on the research please contact Research Fellow, Aleksandre Kvakhadze.

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