Lectures and Trainings

Lecture on Modern Georgia and its Security Problems

2014 / 01 / 09

On January 9, 2014  Dr. Alexander Rondeli gave a lecture for students of Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Wellesley College, and Williams College (USA )at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studie. The lecture, “Modern Georgia and its Security Problems”, focused on Georgia’s current political predicament and the intense geopolitical stress it experiences from Russia. Dr. Rondeli emphasized Georgia’s constant battle for survival as the nation handles pressure from the Eastern and Western worlds. The students asked about the events that took place in 2008 and the occupied regions of Georgia.In response, Dr. Rondeli mentioned the recent history of Georgia and its national identity and explained the complexity of the issue due to the intertwined histories of Russia and Georgia. 

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