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Public Lecture - “Perspectives for Georgia-EU Cooperation after Initialing of EU-Georgia Association Agreement”

2014 / 02 / 17

On February 17th, 2014 the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies hosted a public lecture by Amb. Juris Poikans, ambassador for the Eastern Partnership, MFA of Latvia. The lecture covered the topic -  “Perspectives for Georgia-EU Cooperation after Initialing of EU-Georgia Association Agreement”. The audience included representatives of the diplomatic corps, experts, GFSIS alumni and interns. 

Amb. Poikans spoke about a multilateral track for Eastern Partnership countries. He mentioned that Latvia will try to engage all countries and emphasized the consensus that exists among the EU member states on signing Association Agreement with Georgia. Amb. Poikans highlighted different reasons why enlargement is going to become more difficult in the coming decade, mentioning that it will be extremely difficult to change Russia’s opinion and that this particular issue will become a demanding task for the Georgian government. 

In his presentation, Amb. Poikans also discussed the role of Georgian civil society in the process that will follow initialing of EU-Georgia Association Agreement and stressed the necessity of conducting reforms to achieve better results in the long run. The lecture concluded with an interesting discussion. 

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