Presentation of Policy Document "Increasing the Accessibility to the Theaters for Persons with Disabilities"

2018 / 11 / 27

  The Policy document “Increasing the Accessibility to Theaters for Persons with Disabilities” was published in Georgian and English languages within the framework of the program Capacity-Building of the Georgian Leadership Community for Improved Decision-making and Negotiation Skills (CBGL).

The author of the publication is Zaza Mechiauri, the alumni of CBGL project and the Leading Specialist of Education, Science and Culture Committee, Parliament of Georgia.

The importance of the topic of this paper and the ways for resolving the problems which were identified, created a high level of interest among respective institutions as well as the public. For this reason, Rondeli Foundation has released this paper as a separate publication.

On November 26, 2018 the presentation of the policy paper was held in Tbilisi City Municipal in the framework of the exhibition “See Your Tbilisi by Hands” organized by the Center of Art “Folianti” and Tbilisi State Academy of Art.

Ekaterine Metreveli, President of Rondeli Foundation was awarded with the honorary title of “Folianti’s” laureate for supporting research on cultural integration of the persons with disabilities. Additionally, the Honorary diplomas were awarded to Merab Kakulia, Senior Fellow, GFSIS and Khatia Shalamberidze, Project Coordinator, GFSIS for their contribution to the development and publication of the policy document.

Read the Policy Document


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