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The Battle of Ukraine, Special Issue 123, 12 June 2023, 13:00 to 16 June 2023, 17:00 Kyiv Time

ავტორი: David Batashvili, Research Fellow at the Rondeli Foundation

This is a special issue of the Rondeli Russian Military Digest dedicated to the Russo-Ukrainian War, composed on the basis of numerous open sources.


Zaporizhzhia Area and Donbas Area – South

Following the previous Ukrainian advance south of Velyka Novosilka, Russians launched counterattacks there, particularly towards the area of Makarivka and Storozheve. Ukrainians repulsed the counterattacks retaining their positions. Fighting continued between Makarivka and Staromaiorske-Urozhaine. By the afternoon of 16 June, Ukrainian attacks were reported in the space between Urozhaine and Novodonetske.

A little to the west, Ukrainians approached Pryyutne from the northwestern side. Fighting also continued near Rivnopil and east of the Novodarivka-Levadne line.

Further west, Ukrainians launched new attacks south of Orikhiv. By the morning of 16 June, they also started to attack from recently liberated Lobkove toward Pyatykhatky.

Static shot from the Russo-Ukrainian War interactive map. The frontline south of Velyka Novosilka by the afternoon, 16 June 2023. All information on the maps is approximate.


Donbas Area – Northeast

Fighting continued on the both flanks of Bakhmut, with Ukrainians advancing a little north of Dubovo-Vasylivka.

Further north of Bakhmut, Ukrainians launched attacks on the Rozdolivka-Vasyukivka frontline.


Svatove-Starobilsk Area and Donbas Area – North
Fighting in these areas did not result in major changes during the reported period.


Donbas Area – Southeast
Fighting of some intensity but without major territorial changes occurred south of Mar’inka.

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