Russian Military Forces: Interactive Map

Author: David Batashvili

The map includes Russian land maneuver, artillery, naval, air and air defence military forces. To see all units present on the map - zoom in, or click on any map marker in the Overview mode, or press the "All Units" button above.
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  • Mechanized Unit
  • Mechanized Unit Headquarters
  • Tank Unit
  • Tank Unit Headquarters
  • Air Assault Unit
  • Air Assault Unit Headquarters
  • Airborne Unit
  • Airborne Unit Headquarters
  • Naval Infantry Unit
  • Special Forces Unit
  • Airborne Special Forces Unit
  • Naval Special Forces Unit
  • Mountain Mechanized Unit
  • Arctic Mechanized Unit
  • Reconnaissance Unit
  • Artillery Unit
  • Self-propelled Artillery Unit
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher Unit
  • Flamethrower Unit
  • Anti-Tank Unit
  • Missile Unit
  • Coastal Missile Unit
  • Armored Train
  • Naval Base
  • Naval base without permanently stationed warships
  • Fleet/Flotilla Headquarters
  • Air Base
  • Naval Air Base
  • Long Range Aviation Air Base
  • Military Transport Aviation Command Air Base
  • Training Air Base
  • Helicopter Base
  • Training Helicopter Base
  • Cosmodrome
  • S-400, S-300 or S-350 Surface-to-Air Missile System Unit
  • Air Defence Unit (without S-400, S-300 or S-350)
  • Research Facility
  • Communications Node
  • Electro-Optical Node
  • Radar