Capacity-building of the Georgian Leadership Community for Improved Decision-making and Negotiation Skills

The program "Capacity-building of the Georgian Leadership Community for Improved Decision-making and Negotiation Skills" is designed to assist the Georgian government to respond to the governance challenges. The project aims at engaging directly with middle-level public servants and civil society representatives in practical exercises in policy development and negotiation techniques. As such, these exercises not only aim to modernize Georgian public administration and public policy, they also seek to deliver actionable policy documents related to issues of national importance. The key to this project is the introduction and reinforcement of modern management knowledge, practice and skills among public officials.  Their efforts will be consistent with and supportive of the principles of gender equality.

The program will promote a likeminded leadership culture that is accountable, oriented to meeting the needs of Georgian society, capable in making well-founded decisions in a transparent manner and flexible in responding to changing circumstances. Furthermore, it will improve cooperation between organizations and sectors in Georgia and strengthen the capacity of Georgian government officials to represent Georgia in its engagement with foreign states and in international organizations.

The program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and is implemented by the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) in partnership with the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD).

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