Pankisi Youth School

Pankisi Youth School works closely with the high school pupils of Pankisi Gorge and aims raise their awareness of local and nationwide issues and to empower them through informal education and activities, starting from October 1, 2021. The project intends to enable youth of this community, 14-18-year-old group, to better engage them with government systems both at local and central level, strengthen their knowledge on political processes, local and nationwide issues, their analytical and problem identification skills, create development opportunities encouraging to become active participants of their communities and agents of change. The project targets around 60 teens from the villages of Duisi, Jokolo, Omalo and Birkiani. The project will be implemented during ten months, activities include discussion clubs, quizzes, and graduation ceremony.

Pankisi Youth School is Funded through the Alumni Grants Program from the U.S. Embassy in Georgia.

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