Supporting Participatory and Inclusive Governance in Mountainous Guria and Adjara

The purpose of the project was to address the issue of non-inclusive local governance in Mountainous Guria and Adjara namely in Zoti (Chokhatauri, Guria), village of Nasakirali (Ozurgeti, Guria) and Khulo municipality (Mountainous Adjara) that contributed to the disenfranchisement of local communities which in turn left them more vulnerable to outside propaganda and influences. 

The project took a holistic approach by working with the local and central governments, key local influencers and women empowerment in the communities of Mountainous Guria and Adjara. The program also aimed to raise the awareness of local youth on nation-wide issues and empowering them separately through informal education and activities.

The recommendations stemming from this multi-track approach was shared with the central government with the purpose of improving participatory public policies and establishing a sustainable mechanism for engagement.

The project was supported by the UK Good Governance Fund, British Embassy Tbilisi.

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