Russian Law is not the will of Georgia

2023 / 02 / 21

We, the people of Georgia, strongly oppose the bill initiated by the members of the Parliamentary Majority, also endorsed by the Speaker of Parliament and other MPs. We declare that the attempts to adopt this Russian bill attack not only the independent civil society organizations and the critical media, but the people of Georgia themselves. This bill aims to leave defenseless the abused children and women; people with disabilities, minorities, scientists, workers, and the youth; to not provide assistance to the socially vulnerable families, farmers, miners, internally displaced, homeless, illegally laid off, detained, and other people fighting for their rights; to mute the voice of the people living in the peripheries of the country that can only communicate their troubles through the independent media. This draft legislation acts as a response to the numerous facts of violence, corruption, lawlessness, and arbitrary execution of the laws that we, the civil society and the critical media, study and make public. When Putin adopted a similar law in Russia, many organizations chose to disband rather than comply with its requirements. Those that continued to operate faced increased control, harassment, and repressions. This is not the type of governance that we have fought for many years to achieve, and Russian law is certainly not the type of governance that Georgian citizens aspire to have in our country. Adopting this bill will amount to an attack on the key Georgian values of dignity, independence and solidarity with our communities and fellow people. Adopting this bill will amount to an onslaught not only against civil society and our democracy but will also damage our aspirations of Euro-Atlantic development. This law will obstruct our path to membership of the EU as this law was found illegal in the EU. Moreover, the execution of this law will be impossible without causing insurmountable harm to hundreds of thousands of citizens of Georgia.


Organization (The list is changeable)

AAP youth organization changes for equal rights

AAP Legal Education Foundation

AAP "Clock"

AIP Racha Tourist Club

AAP Stefantsminda

Agro-Environment TV

Human Rights and Social Justice Protection Research Center

Human Rights Center (HRC)

Human Rights Advocacy and Democracy Fund

Local Democracy Agency Georgia


The alternative is Georgia

Don't delay

Non-governmental organization "for rights and education"

Association "Dea"

Association "Atinati"

Association "Europe Time"

Association "Mercury"

Association "Women for the Development of Regions"

Abkhaz news

Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD)

Union of Young Teachers

Xenon Association of Young Psychologists and Doctors

Youth for Democratic Changes

Young people for the development of Samegrelo

Youth Development Center-XXI

Youth alternative

Regional Association of Youth Initiatives - Aira

Youth Organization Changes for Equal Rights

Akhalkalaki Business Center

Akhaltsikhe Youth Center

Akhaltsikhe Democratic Engagement Center

Child Welfare League

Childhood cancers and superheroes


Batumi residents

Batumi Independent Living Center'

Batumi Democratic Engagement Center

Union of Investigative Journalists "Here's the Fact"

Education and the world

Education Development and Employment Center

The center of development

Environmental Community Organization "Eko"

International Center for Geopolitical Studies


Gorel Photographers Club

Gori Information Center

Guria News

Guria Association of Mediators

Civic center of Guria

Let's start now

Employment and Training Center

Union of Democrats

Democracy Index - Georgia

Institute of Democracy

Institute for the Study of Democracy

Guardians of Democracy

Center for Democracy and Governance

Institute for Democracy and Secure Development (IDSD)

Network of Centers for Democratic Engagement


Association of European Initiators

European Foundation

European-Georgian Institute (EGI)

Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)

Zugdidi Democratic Engagement Center

House of Free Journalists

Free Media Space/GuriaTV


Equality 17

Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Human Rights House

Telavi is my city

Community Development Center "Progress"

Ilia state university

Imereti Development Center


Center for Innovation and Civic Development - House of Progress

Institute for Innovation and Change

Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI)

Informational development hub

Caucasian dialogue

Connection "woman and reality"

Rule of Law Center


Counseling and Training Center

Cultural-historical travel platform "Traveler"

Youth movement of Lanchkhuti


Media Club

Media House "South Gate"

Media House – South Gate

Media Foundation - Livepress

Media Center Kakheti

Media Ombudsman

Media checker

Media Institute

Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs

the main channel

International Organization for Migration

Mishgo Larda

Governance Monitoring Center

Consumer Rights Center

Actors Guild

World Experience for Georgia (WEG)

Parents Union "Our Children"

Parents for education

Mtskheta-Mtianeti regional hub

A green alternative

green sector

A step towards the future

A step towards success

Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict (ISNC)

Neo TV



Ozurgeti Independent Living Center

Ozurgeti Democratic Engagement Center

Partnership for Human Rights

Union of teachers education and the world

The first step is Georgia

A platform for new opportunities

Platform Salam

Prevention for progress

Project 64


Network of Journalists for Gender Equality

Journalism Resource Center

Radio "Old City"

Radio Freedom

Radio Marneuli

Racha community organization

Rehabilitation and Development Charitable Center "Tanaziari"

Regional Empowerment for Democracy

Center for Regional Initiatives "Bright Future"

Transparency International-Georgia

community trail

Community Development Center

Leli Community Foundation

Initiative group "Rode"

Initiative group "Our space"

Information resources network

Information Medical-Psychological Center support

Qualification center

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Civic Activities Center

Center for Civic Engagement and Equity

Civic idea

Civic Integration Fund

International Center of Civic Culture

Civil movement "Voice of Samegrelo"

Civil movement "Leave the Parliament in Kutaisi"

Civil movement for freedom

Institute of Civil Society

Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC)

Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation Center "Aisi"

television network



Georgian EMDR Society

Atlantic Council of Georgia

Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia

Down Syndrome Association of Georgia

Georgian Democratic Initiative (GDI)

European clubs of Georgia

Federation of Disabled Persons of Georgia ''Revival 2002''

Media-club of Georgia

Academy of the Future of Georgia

The parliament of Georgia

Journalistic Ethics Charter of Georgia

Alliance of Regional Broadcasters of Georgia

International Development Agency of Georgia

Civil Development Association of Georgia

Civil Society Development Association of Georgia (ACSDG)

Guard of the court of Georgia

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies - Rondeli Foundation (GFSIS)

Georgian village hall

Georgian Strategy and International Relations Research Foundation

Strategic Research and Development Center of Georgia

Association of body-oriented psychotherapy of Georgia

Mental Health Association of Georgia

Association of Psychosocial Assistance of Georgia trust

Psychotrauma Society of Georgia

Open Society Foundation of Georgia

Charitable Humanitarian Center "Abkhazia" (CHCA)

Sector 3 - Hub for development

Sika - Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives

Association of Therapy of Socially Disadvantaged People of Sighnaghi Region, Kedel community

community of solidarity

Institute of Social Research and Analysis

Center for Social Justice

Social enterprise "Gumbati"


Student-youth forum

studio monitor

studio rec

Center for Teaching and Research

Caucasus TV Company

TV first

Tkibuli District Development Fund

Rights Georgia


colorful space

Fund Abkhazinterkont

Foundation "Internews-Georgia"

Fund Abkhazinterkont

Foundation Global Initiative in Psychiatry


Franklin Club

Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists

Puspussy - your safe space

Women's Association "Let's do together"

Chamomile Women's Association

Women's Association consent

Women's Initiatives Support Group (WISG)

Women's Foundation in Georgia

Women's Foundation Sukhumi

Women and development

Georgian Media Group"

Kvemo Kartli media

Kvemo Kartli Women's Association "Women and the World"

Queer Association - Themida



Kutaisi Information Center

open borders

Caucasus Open Space (COS - Caucasus Open Space)

The country's effort

Black and Baltic Sea Alliance - Georgia

Agricultural Cooperative of Persons with Disabilities "Sifa 2002"

Shida Kartli Youth Center "New Generation"

Association for Integration and Development of Disabled Persons "Hang"

Alliance Center for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Alliance of Women with Disabilities

Center for Engagement and Development

My city is killing me

Knowledge Cafe

Psycho-social and medical rehabilitation center for victims of torture

Center for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims-Kutaisi

Tskaltubo Lions Club

Habitat for Equity Achievement and Development

Association HERA XXI


CDD - Center for Development and Democracy




JA Georgia


OC Media


Penal Reform International


Radio WW





Women for Health

World Vision Georgia

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