Presentation of the Book of Ronald D. Asmus

2010 / 04 / 12

On April 12, 2010 Europe House Georgia and the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies co-hosted the public presentation of Ronald D. Asmus`s new book:  A Little War that Shook the World:  Georgia, Russia, and the Future of the West Ronald D. Asmus, Executive Director of the Transatlantic Center and Strategic Planning of The German Marshall Fund of the United States, discussed his new book on the causes and implications of the August 2008 Russia-Georgia war. The event was moderated by Dr. Alexander Rondeli, President of the Foundation.

Dr. Ronald Asmus opened with a brief analysis of the August 2008 war in the broader context of the amalgamation of the West-Russia relationship and international security.  He revealed his book`s main arguments and concluded that Russia`s real war aims did not relate to the territorial issues and future status of Abkhazia and South Ossetia but rather to Georgia’s crave to go West and Russia’s determination to halt its neighbor`s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  Asmus defined this war as "a war in which there were no winners, only losers" and one which may have not impacted the world the way it should have, though has fully revealed the fragility of European security.  He highlighted the war’s resonance throughout the international community, especially the reactions among those immediately involved in NATO-Russia relations, as well as expert opinions expressed by the international media about his book that demonstrate the significance of this conflict and its extensive implications for global security.
Dr. Asmus devoted the majority of the presentation time to a Question & Answer session and eagerly answered a number of questions from the audience.

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